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Founded in 1975, Genghis Khan Logistics, the logistics service provider since 2006. Turkey Services Logistics, Port Logistics Services, Storage and Logistics Services terminated serves four strategic areas, including LTL freight. Based in Denizli, the firm provides activity coordination with its Istanbul, Izmir and Aydın branches.

Logistics Logistics Services within the scope of Turkey's Cengizhan single-point or single point from a single point, distribute services on the specified routes is given to every city in Turkey. Turkey Our company is providing liaison and coordination with customs for import and export companies to Port Container Transport operations (call forwarding) are to perform.

In the Logistics Warehouse, which has a strategic position in the distribution and collection branch in Istanbul Kıraç, it provides general cargo, project cargo, bulk cargo, palletized product storage, handling and operation shipment services. The warehouse today has an area of ​​12.000 m2. In addition, product returns and tracking services are available. Cengizhan Logistics since 2010. Turkey's leading suppliers of tracked and retailing firms and cast bookable realizes partial cargo transportation.
Cengizhan Logistics, which always attaches importance to education and training, provides scholarships to students every year. M.E.B. By signing a joint project with Atatürk Technical Industrial Vocational High School, it has made a pioneering contribution in the establishment and implementation of the Logistics Department. This department offered internship and job opportunities to its students every year and supported this acquisition of the students. It will continue to serve in this field by increasing its support.

Cengizhan Logistics increases the number of vehicles by constantly growing, as well as up to 100 vehicles with its own latest system and modern, closed-open trailers. It was awarded by the Prime Ministry for being among the "50 Fastest Growing Companies" in 2011.

Turkey to take its place in the market and surely marching resolutely Cengizhan Logistics, has an L-1 and K-1 authorization documents. In addition, Cengizhan Logistics, which has ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, has fulfilled its obligations in terms of authorization certificates in order to provide the best and quality service to its customers.
Cengizhan Logistics keeps the transported products covered by insurance in all its works under its signature and has made a serious investment in this sense. In today's conditions, the importance of this situation has been accepted by all customers.

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